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When it comes to our bodies, our hands and feet take the most punishment. So, it is important to take extra special care for foot and hand to keep them in good condition. This natural range of hand skin care and foot skin care has been specifically formulated with this in mind.

Frangipani Hand Moisturizer™
(Moisturizing Hand Care Creme)
4.56 ounces or 135ml

Hand skin care at its best.

This natural, hand moisturizer is 
non-greasy to nourish and 
hydrate dry and sensitive hands.

Particularly effective in treating 
dryness and itchiness on the back 
of the hands.

Frangipani Hand Scrub
(with Volcanic Ash)

4.56 ounces or 135ml

Hand care with attitude! 

Scented with this Frangipani and 
containing real volcanic ash, this 
all natural hand scrub cleanses 
and lightly exfoliates to maintain 
your hands in great condition.

 Frangipani Hand Pack 
(Scrub & Moisturizer)

This Frangipani scented Hand Pack is 
made up of our 135ml Frangipani Hand 
Moisturizer and our 135ml Frangipani 
Hand Scrub.

Peppermint Foot Cream
(Moisturizing Foot Care Creme)
4.56 ounces or 135ml

This refreshing foot moisturizing 
cream nourishes and moisturizes 
with pure Virgin Coconut Oil.

Scented with Peppermint to 
soothe tired feet.

Absorbs into the skin without 
leaving any greasy feeling.

Peppermint Pumice Foot Scrub
4.56 ounces or 135ml

When it comes to organic foot 
products, this volcanic pumice 
scrub deeply cleanses and

Enriched with cocoa butter 
and Peppermint Essential oil.

Peppermint Foot Pack 
(Scrub & Moisturizer)

This Peppermint Foot Pack is made 
up of our 135ml Peppermint Foot 
Cream (Moisturizer) and our 135ml
Peppermint Pumice Foot Scrub.

Erupt Foot Scrub™ 
Daily Foot Care Treatment
(approx. 60 Grams)

Another unique foot care product!

Volcanic ash is used as a natural 
exfoliant to gently remove the outer 
layer of dead skin cells so that our 
organic Cocoa Butter and natural 
emollients can simultaneously 
soften and moisturize your skin.

Use the soapy side all over your 
feet and the ashy side for your 
heels and soles.