Tamanu Oil Body Care

  • $15.00

  • Vanuatu Tamanu Oil™

0.5 ounces or 15ml
( Refillable)

 A customer favorite! Fast-absorbing,
and convenient with proven results.
Ideal for spot application on localized
skin areas and compact enough to take
to work in a small purse, handbag or shirt
Just roll it on!
The 15ml bottle is refillable so keep the
empty container for future refills!

Apply 3 or 4 times each day for fast and effective results.

2 ounces or 60ml

Ideal for larger areas such as the
hands, arms, legs and the feet.

The potent benefits of 100 % pure
Tamanu Oil with its unique anti-viral,
antibacterial, anti-inflammatory,
anti-septic, and anti-fungal qualities.

It is also Hypoallergic (non irritant,

Tamanu Oil Twin Pack™
(15ml Roll On & 60ml Bottle) Our two most popular products in this
range are now available in a twin pack
for less!

This Tamanu Oil Twin Pack is comprised
of our 15ml Tamanu Oil Roll On and our
60ml Tamanu Oil bottle so you can refill
the Roll On at will and also use the 60ml
bottle for larger areas.
The best part is - you get to save $$!

Products Of Vanuatu

8.45oz Tamanu Volcanic Ash Scrub VOLCANIC 

A highly effective, mineral rich 
scrub specially formulated to 
draw out toxins and remove
dead skin cells.

Formulated with Tamanu skin 
rejuvenating oil and calming 
Lavender essential oil.

Assist with eczema, psoriasis 
and skin rashes.

Gentle enough to use on your 
face but gently apply.

4.56oz Tamanu Oil Skin Rejuvenating Moisturizer Oil


The best body moisturizer on 
the market today. A natural, 
intensive care moisturizer with 
Tamanu Oil to rejuvenate your
skin fast.

Suitable if you are looking for 
that flawless skin but also 
ideal as a moisturizer to help 
combat or prevent skin issues 
such as psoriasis, eczema, 
acne and dermatitis.

This larger, 250ml Tamanu Oil Skin 
Rejuvenating Moisturizer is the result 
of customer demand- especially for 
those of you that live in very cold 

8.45oz Tamanu Oil Skin Rejuvenating Moisturizer Oil

Cold weather dries out your skin 
more because of low humidity levels 
both outside and inside the home. 
Cold, dry air causes moisture to
evaporate from your skin. This can
come from the weather outside and 
from the central heating inside.

This means you need to moisturize 
more often so this larger bottle
is perfect.

Tamanu Butter 2.7oz

An outstanding, moisturizing
and skin healing cream.

All of the benefits of Tamanu 
Oil, plus the added moisturizing 
qualities ofCocoa Butter, Virgin 
Coconut Oil and Papaya.

Works wonders if you have 
age spots, dry cuticles, cracked 
heels, damaged skin or stretch 

Tamanu Oil Soap
3.35 ounces


Good skin always begins with a 
great soap. This lovely, coconut 
oil soap is handmade from pure 
Tamanu Oil and our high quality 
Virgin Coconut Oil.

After Sun Spray
1.8 ounces or 60ml


Contains Virgin Coconut Oil and 
Tamanu Oil for soothing, fast skin 
repair, anti-aging and Sc Glucan 
for natural UV protection.

Apply liberally to sun burnt areas 
as required.